Trafford 10k (10/03/2013)

Training has been going pretty well over the past three weeks since my ankle problem, so I was confident of putting in a decent run at the Trafford 10k. It’s a fast race which has a great reputation built up through the hard work of Dave Norman and Altrincham AC over the years. Last time I competed here I was one of the runners hammered out of sight by Chris Thompson who ran 28:02 in 2010, unsurprisingly that’s the course record!

Conditions were okay, a bit of wind, but certainly much better than the weather at Ribble Valley 10k last December. The race got off to a steady start and it was hard to get on pace in the headwind. I heard 4:52 called out for the mile, which was a few seconds too slow for any of us targeting at least a sub 30 minute performance. I took the lead and tried to push it a bit, but wasn’t able to speed things up much and Dave Webb was up alongside me looking pretty comfortable. At 3k it was four of us in a front pack; myself, Dave Webb, Richard Weir and Antony Ford; we were still 5 – 10 seconds off a 30 minute target. I tried to force the pace again, with Webb and Weir closely following, shortly after Webb took the lead and stayed there for most of the second half of the race. We reached 5k in around 15:07 and it was just Webb, Weir and myself at the front. For the next 3k I was working hard keeping up with the front two, but at least the wind was now behind us. In the last mile the pace was starting to wind up and at 9k Weir shot past Webb and we both tried going after him, but the gap was still growing. I managed to get ahead of Webb, but Weir ended up a clear winner by a good 8 seconds in 29:51, which meant I’d scraped under 30 minutes by the skin of my teeth!

At 1k point.

At 1k point.

It was a good result for me and was very similar to the Alsager 5 last month. Best of all though, was Blackburn Harriers winning the men’s team, thanks to some great runs by Karl Billington in 7th and Pete Matthews in 26th, well done lads!!!

Leading in to the race I backed off a bit with a solid week of 98 miles:

SUN 3rd: 7:30am – 3 miles easy off-road before journey home from Wales. 9pm – 8.5 miles steady in 50:23.

MON 4th: 10:30am – 20 miles on Fallowfield Loop cycleway in 1hr 57:50.

TUE 5th: 7:30am – 6.5 miles easy in 43 mins.

WED 6th:  6:30pm – 6x 6 min reps (2 min rec) on way home. Recorded these paces: 5:07, 5:02, 5:01, 5:06, 5:16, 5:09. 12 miles total in 69:52.

THUR 7th: 7:40am – 10.5 miles to work in around 71 mins, quite slow. 6:15pm – 10.5 miles home in 70:21, a bit slow again.

FRI 8th: 7:40am – 10.5 miles to work in 71:17. 6:15pm – 4.5 miles to the gym in 27:55.

SAT 9th: 8am – 7.5 miles to work from Stockport in 49:54. 6:30pm – 4.5 miles to the gym in 29:34.

TOTAL: 98 Miles


About vintagerunning

I'm an experienced club runner with a sub 2hr 20 marathon and hold a UK Athletics Level 2 coaching qualification. My main interest is in the post-war era of British distance running.
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