Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k (10/02/2013)

This is a local 10k for me that I’ve done on numerous occasions. As one would expect with Blackburn, the course isn’t flat! My best time on here is 31:23 and I was definitely in sub 30-minute shape when I did that.  The conditions were pretty good, a bit cold, but only a slight breeze. Although I didn’t really taper, coming off the back of a 103 mile week, I was confident of having a good run, hopefully winning and possibly even improve my best time. The start is on the athletics track and a Todmorden runner blasted out the first lap in under 70 seconds with me slightly behind. On the second lap I took the lead and on leaving the park hit the first kilometre in 3:00. After that it’s all uphill to about 4k or so and I hit halfway in 16:20, which was faster than when I got the record. By this point I also had a good lead and couldn’t hear anyone behind me. I was running well, getting to 8k in 25:14, but then the path back to the athletics track was pretty muddy and I knew I was losing time. I had to hit the last kilometre in 2:58, which proved to be beyond me and finished in 31:36. I was over three minutes clear and my club won the team prize, so all in all it was a very good day.

Enjoying the run back into Witton Park!

Enjoying the run back into Witton Park!

Unfortunately on the following day I went over on my left ankle during a short morning run. The ankle has been quite weak since I first went over on it in the North West road relays back in September. I managed to run it off and, with the typical runner mentality, managed to get away with this occurring 7 – 8 times over the past few months. Finally, this time I couldn’t just run it off and ended up hobbling and plodding out a 60-mile week with no speed sessions, as opposed to the 120 with 3 speed sessions I had planned. It’s taken a week to be able to run normally on it and I have visited Harris & Ross to finally get this annoying ankle sorted! Thankfully no ligaments are torn, just stretched and very weak with limited mobility. I’ve got exercises I need to do with resistance bands to build up strength and mobility which should do the trick in a couple of weeks, just need to be careful not to go over on it again in the meantime… Lesson learned; you can’t keep getting away with trying to run off injuries!

Next up is Trafford 10k on the 10th of March, where hopefully I won’t be seeing the back of too many club vests along the way…


About vintagerunning

I'm an experienced club runner with a sub 2hr 20 marathon and hold a UK Athletics Level 2 coaching qualification. My main interest is in the post-war era of British distance running.
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